I hate The Front Bottoms. 

i’ve been feeling pretty cute lately
Using the correct pronouns is just as important when the person isnt there to hear it.

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"Think I’ll lock myself in my room 
Get too drunk and think about you
I wonder why I’m alone 
I’ve got no redeeming qualities 
For all that’s wrong with me 
When all I think about 
Is how to further and please myself 

And I would like nothing more 
Than for you to not ignore 
The phone when I call 
And we could talk about 
All the things we do to ourselves 
But I really want to hear 
Is for you to say 
'Baby, come back to me' 
Just tell me that you want me to come back
And we’ll find ourselves again
This won’t be as easy
But we don’t want to
Do this anymore”


I tie dyed my brand new shirt and I’m v happy with it.

Róbert Borbás Tattoo - Crow
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Today my boyfriend bought a label maker


Sometimes when I can’t sleep I pretend you’re thinking of me but, I know it’s just the coffee and you shouldn’t think about me

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It’s not over, don’t forget


I love you 

I miss you

I wanna fucking kiss you

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Manchester Orchestra - “The Neighborhood is Bleeding”